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Very few things are as stressful, time-consuming, and aggravating as writing a résumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. Allow me to take this burden off of your plate; I find joy in everything you despise about writing a résumé! When you partner with me, you will have an expert in your corner who will take great care of you. I look forward to working with you!  

- Ron Reed, CPRW 


How can Reed Résumés help you?



Whether you need a résumé written from scratch, want to overhaul an existing résumé, or would love your current résumé reformatted, we can help!



We specialize in writing both "plug and play" and customized cover letters.


Job searching in 2020 practically requires an impressive LinkedIn presence. We can help you to strategically construct your LinkedIn profile, optimizing your ability to connect with the right opportunities.


Looking to do the bulk of the work on your own but need some professional guidance? Let's meet in-person or via Zoom to steer you in the right direction.

On a tight budget or confident in your résumé's content? 

Take a look at our résumé format upgrade services!

Get an incredibly sophisticated looking résumé for just $65.

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I want to write my own documents but could use some guidance and am interested in your consulting services.

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Our clients have secured interviews and employment with the following companies as well as countless small and medium-sized businesses:

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A Certified Professional Résumé Writer with 10+ years of recruiting experience, I have written 1500+ résumés during my career. I maintain a 99.99% satisfaction rate and generate 80%+ of my business through word of mouth referrals. This is my full time profession and I do not outsource any of the work; you will work directly with me throughout the entire process.


What type of résumés do you specialize in?

With 1500+ résumés under my belt, I have worked with clients from all sorts of industries and at all career levels. I have worked with industry lifers, C-level executives, recent college graduates, career changers, those experiencing ageism, and everything in between.

  • Clientele and industries that I specialize in include (but are not limited to) sales, operations, accounting, corporate finance, administrative support (Executive Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Personal Assistant, Legal Assistant, etc.), restaurants, hospitality, management, retail management, customer service, retail banking, marketing, product management, account management, human resources, recruitment, education (K-12), non profit, event planning, construction management, estimating, property management. Don't see your occupation listed here? Just send me an email to inquire; I can work with most professionals!

  • Clientele and industries that I do not work with are IT, engineering, scientific, high-level medical, most traders, and complex finance and attorney backgrounds. If you come from one of these backgrounds, please email me; I can reach out to my network of résumé writers who do specialize in these professions!

How does this process work?

To get started, please purchase a service by going here


After you place an order using PayPal or any major credit card, you will receive a "next steps" email that will contain a link to my calendar so you can schedule our 1-hour telephone consultation. First drafts are completed in 7-10 business days from our consultation (rush services are available for an additional fee). You will have the opportunity to review your documents and I will work with you on up to 2 rounds of edits. You will receive your résumé as both a Microsoft Word and PDF document.

How much do your services cost?

Besides consulting services and résumé format upgrades, investments typically range from $295-$795 depending on the service(s) you are interested in and your career level. This is incredible value considering the quality of work, time savings, and return on investment. For perspective, someone making $40,000 annually earns $769 weekly and would recoup their entire investment after a maximum of just one week in a new job.

I have been shopping around and see a large range of prices for résumé writing services. Why is that?

This is a great question! There is a large range of prices because literally anyone can call themself a résumé writer, regardless of how qualified or unqualified they are. As you explore your options, I advise you to ask the following questions:

  • Is this writer certified by a professional résumé writing and career coaching association? (I am!)

  • Does this writer have recruiting experience? Can they write my résumé with the reader's perspective in mind? Have they ever actually reviewed résumés, interviewed applicants, and hired staff? (I do! I have!; for 10+ years.)

  • Have I checked this writer's reviews? What are other people saying about them? (Google "Reed Résumés" or take a look at my LinkedIn profile.)

  • Will this writer outsource the work to another writer or someone in another country even? (I will not; I work with my clients 100% of the way.)

  • Does this price make sense? Can I get a truly spectacular résumé for just $50? $100? $175? Think about the writer's time vs. profit dilemma. At those prices, how much time can they truly devote to your work? (I devote an enormous amount of time, research, passion, and care to my clients and their documents. At the $295-$795 price point, I am able to deliver incredible value and expertise.)

Do you offer any guarantees?

I will work with you on your documents until you are 100% satisfied. I have a 99.9% satisfaction rate and 80%+ of my clients come through referrals, so it is important to me that you are happy! I do not make any guarantees regarding interviews and job offers because there are a plethora of variables in play. You should be skeptical of any résumé writer who guarantees you interviews and job offers. Please see the terms and conditions below.

By using our services, the client agrees to the following: The client acknowledges and agrees that the services rendered by 463 Ventures, Inc./Reed Resumes (the “Company”) are rendered without any guarantee of any particular outcome. The client acknowledges and agrees that the Company has made no guarantees or representations whatsoever as to the client’s chances, probabilities or likelihoods of securing a job, promotion or any other goal sought to be achieved by the client as a result of using our services. The client acknowledges and agrees that while the Company is very committed to the success of its clients, it cannot be guaranteed. It is the policy of the Company to work with you until you are satisfied with your documents. We will work with you through the document edit phase, but the client acknowledges and agrees that it is ultimately your responsibility to review and finalize your documents. The client acknowledges and agrees that it is the client who is responsible for ensuring the completeness and accuracy of their career documents before disseminating to a third-party for any purpose. The client acknowledges and agrees that the Company is not liable for any injury or damages caused by omissions, false statements or any other inaccuracies contained in the client’s documents. The client further acknowledges and agrees that the Company is not liable in the event the client is unable to secure employment, a promotion or any other goal sought to be achieved by the client in using the Company’s services.

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