I like to think that my work helps my clients to achieve happiness, increased earnings, career growth, and access to exciting opportunities. When my clients gain new employment, I never take the credit; they're the ones who did great on their interviews. I would be lying though if I said that I don't feel an enormous amount of pride when I receive those "Ron, I got the job!" emails. 

I founded Reed Résumés in 2014 after spending many years as a New York City-based recruiter. I realized that there was a massive need for résumé writing services. I have viewed hundreds of thousands of résumés and conservatively, less than 5% could be considered absolutely flawless. More concerning to me though, the vast majority of résumés are stunningly underwhelming. Given how competitive the job market is, I realized that I am uniquely positioned to do something about it.

Most résumé writers (and there are lots of excellent ones out there) are fantastic writers but they do not have recruiting experience. I have 10+ years of recruiting experience and have my finger on the pulse of the job market.

Ron Reed, CPRW

What makes me unique is that I am able to pair my writing skills with my recruitment background. Additionally, I am recognized as a Certified Professional Résumé Writer by the Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Career Coaches. I understand the psychology of recruiting. I understand how a recruiter reads a résumé. I understand what they want to see and how they want to see it. I understand how to minimize the red flags and concerns that are running through the recruiter's mind. 


I reside in Smithtown, Long Island with my wife Lisa, daughter Charlotte, and pug/jack russell Sammy. Sitting on the Smithtown Chamber of Commerce's Board of Directors, I have taken a lead role with their Young Professionals group and also serve on the Smithtown High School Industry Advisory Board. My experience includes presentations and workshops at North Babylon HS, Sayville HS, Locust Valley HS, Suffolk County Community College-Riverhead, Girl Scouts of Suffolk County, Patchogue-Medford Library, and NYC non-profit organization Grace Institute.