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The service below includes the following:

  • An in depth telephone consultation (~1 hour and will be scheduled after you place an order). The purpose of this stress-free conversation is so that I can learn more about your career goals as well as your professional background. I will coach you through this call to ensure that you are providing me with the necessary content required to develop accomplishment-driven résumés for you!

  • You will receive first drafts of the new résumés in 5-7 business days and will have the opportunity to review and request changes if necessary. For many of my clients, the first draft is the final draft but I will happily work with you on up to 2 rounds of edits.

  • You will receive your résumés as both Word and PDF documents. Résumés are written and formatted in a manner that showcases your accomplishments, are easily consumed by human readers, and are loaded up with appropriate keywords to indulge the applicant tracking systems.

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2 Résumés, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile Writing

Services include:

  • Résumé writing and formatting services.

  • A cover letter that will allow you to address each potential employer’s needs as well as your key strengths.

  • Having a robust, searchable LinkedIn profile is critical in today’s job search and in many ways is as important as your résumé. I will write and optimize your profile so that you can put your best foot forward on this powerful professional social network. The LinkedIn profile will be written in a conversational, personable tone and will be optimized to enhance your profile's searchability. 



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