• Ron Reed, CPRW

Interview Advice: Using the "Sandwich Method" to Overcome Perceived Negatives

Ron Reed from reedresumes.com is Long Island's premier Certified Professional Résumé Writer. He has successfully worked with 900+ clients across the United States since 2014.

When on an interview and addressing something that may be perceived as a negative, consider using the "sandwich method".

Start with a positive statement, sandwich in the potential negative, and end on another positive statement.

Interviewer: "So why are you looking to make a move?"

You: "I have very much enjoyed my time at XYZ Company where we accomplish remarkable outcomes daily and they allow me to develop myself professionally.

Although my time there has been amazing, I have reached a point where I may have hit a ceiling and am actively seeking new and exciting challenges.

During my tenure, I was able to play an integral role in increasing revenue 25% and I learned many valuable skills that I can leverage here at ABC Company, if given the opportunity."

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