Reed Résumés is excited to offer résumé and cover letter writing services to entry level soon-to-be and recent college graduates. In addition to his 10+ years of recruiting experience, Ron is Long Island's youngest Certified Professional Résumé Writer; a combination that makes him uniquely qualified to work with recent college graduates.


*This service includes an in depth telephone consultation with Ron.


Attending college is a massive monetary and time investment, yet most graduates are entering a highly competitive job market with a lackluster résumé and cover letter. When you do not properly market yourself to potential employers, time is wasted, stress kicks in, and opportunity becomes limited. When opportunity is limited, you lack leverage. When you lack leverage, you may settle and may leave money on the table. Settling on opportunity and salary may have a real, long-term negative impact on one's earning potential and career happiness. 


Reed Résumés has a proven track record of setting up recent graduates for success and increasing the chances of seeing an immediate return on your educational investment. 

GIFT CERTIFICATE - Résumé & Cover Letter Services for 2017 & 2018 College Grads

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