Reed Résumés is a leading résumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile writing service that provides our clients with the confidence needed to engage in a successful job search. Ron Reed, CPRW has 10+ years of recruiting experience and is recognized as a Certified Professional Résumé Writer by the Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Career Coaches.

Process & Costs

Working with Reed Résumés is a very collaborative, customized, and stress-free experience. You will work directly with Ron every step of the way and you will be taken care of with incredible consideration. All work is completed with the utmost discretion and with YOUR goals in mind.   Here is how to get started:

1) Complete a very brief client information form

2) Ron will call you within 24 hours so we can discuss your unique situation. We'll talk options, process, and pricing.

3) After you place an order, you will schedule a telephone consultation so that Ron can obtain the necessary information required to create your documents. This consultation typically lasts 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on your order. 

4) First drafts are completed in 7-10 business days (rush services are available for an additional fee). You will have the opportunity to review your documents and Ron will work with you on up to 2 rounds of edits.

Investments typically range from $275-$750 depending on the service(s) you are interested in and the amount of work required. Since no two clients are exactly alike, our pricing is personalized and always focused on providing you with incredible value.

Ron's clients have secured interviews and employment with the following companies as well as countless small and medium-sized businesses:

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Very few things are as stressful, time-consuming, and aggravating as writing a résumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. Allow me to take this burden off of your plate; I find joy in everything you despise about writing a résumé! I eliminate the frustration of résumé writing and provide my clients with confidence, increased access to opportunities, enhanced earning potential, and the ability to achieve career satisfaction. When you partner with me, you will have an expert in your corner who cares not only about your past but about where you want to go. I look forward to working with you!  

- Ron Reed, CPRW

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By using our services, the client agrees to the following: The client acknowledges and agrees that the services rendered by 463 Ventures, Inc./Reed Resumes (the “Company”) are rendered without any guarantee of any particular outcome. The client acknowledges and agrees that the Company has made no guarantees or representations whatsoever as to the client’s chances, probabilities or likelihoods of securing a job, promotion or any other goal sought to be achieved by the client as a result of using our services. The client acknowledges and agrees that while the Company is very committed to the success of its clients, it cannot be guaranteed. It is the policy of the Company to work with you until you are satisfied with your documents. We will work with you through the document edit phase, but the client acknowledges and agrees that it is ultimately your responsibility to review and finalize your documents. The client acknowledges and agrees that it is the client who is responsible for ensuring the completeness and accuracy of their career documents before disseminating to a third-party for any purpose. The client acknowledges and agrees that the Company is not liable for any injury or damages caused by omissions, false statements or any other inaccuracies contained in the client’s documents. The client further acknowledges and agrees that the Company is not liable in the event the client is unable to secure employment, a promotion or any other goal sought to be achieved by the client in using the Company’s services.

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